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A fall, a smashed vertebra... which is nothing you can use very well in life. And yet it was suddenly there. Suddenly you are sitting in a deep hole... A hole of pain, doubt, fear. 

6 months and 2 surgeries later, however, the hope of not only finding your way back to life, but also of regaining the things you love is strengthened.  

Just "upwards" - because upwards is the only direction that leads out of a hole. Because sideways or forward is not enough. Upward - no less than that! 

The Plan

logo aufwärtsAt the moment the healing and the recovery process are so good, except for some setbacks, that I want to get back on the bike at the beginning of December! Not yet the usual road bike with a lot of saddle superelevation, not even in my favourite place, out on the road.  

But a modified version of the racing bike with a higher handlebar at home on the good old Tacx Flux brings me back online to the world of cycling. At least a fresh, new part of the cycling world: Zwift, I'm comming!  

That's the plan. And what would a plan be without a goal? The goal is 3000km in 3 months! WHAT!???? Exactly: From the day I sit on the bike again, I want to ride 3000km in 3 months. Sporty, you say!?! Yepp, that's probably right... above all, if one had 6 months nearly no movement in his old body. The body that I lovingly call "the wreck"!

The problem

As with any good story, there's a super villain, of course. Here: my weaker self! 

Will I be able to drive 50km indoor 5 days a week? Or after work and eating, will I be on the sofa from which I can't get up to bed? Will evil win... as so often in real life?!?  


To anticipate the end of the story, cough: YES. I can do it! Because as in every good blockbuster, we can do it! TOGETHER! 

You will be my motivation. Every day you watch what I have achieved. And you will see immediately if I weaken. And tell me. Unembellished! With all vehemence! 

Why you should do that: Because of the good purpose! 

Good purpose? Huh? Is the guy on drugs? Yes, is he also... Medications are something fine... but let me finish... 

The Charity

You will donate! For every kilometre I'll drive... so at least my hope. 

Small calculation example: If I can do 3000km and you donate 1 cent/km, that's 30€ at the end. Ok, you say... that is a lot of money. Where does that go? 

Very good question! You can even vote. I have 2 organizations that do a lot of good and that I would like to support. 

The projects 

First the "Vor-Tour der Hoffnung", a charity bike tour in Rhineland-Palatinate. Together with the Tour der Hoffnung, the tour supports the fight against children cancer projects. In recent years, this project has already collected 36 million euros for this goal and will not tire of doing much more. 

Together with Rad am Ring I would like to support this project... hopefully also together with you! 



The second project is "Leben mit Autismus e.V. Bonn Rhein-Sieg Eifel” (life with autism) 

A solidarity acting self-help organization, which supports humans with autism spectrum disturbance (ASS) and their member to create conditions, which make a relatively normal life for them possible. People with ASA must be given every opportunity to shape their lives in a self-determined way. 

A great project that I would like to support. 


Already convinced? HERE you can register as a donor :)

My motivation

Now you rightly ask: How do you motivate yourself when we donate? Justifiable question!

On the one hand, of course I don't want to give myself the bareness not to drive when you all watch. On the other hand I will donate at least 500€ in total! No matter how! So either I drive a lot... or I pay myself. And honestly: Driving is much more fun than paying! 

It would be nice, of course, if there would be a lot more together, but who knows. 

Your motivation

Ok, I admit: Of course I have also thought about something that keeps the motivation of the donors high. 

At the end of the campaign, a large, colourful basket of prizes will be distributed to all donors. Many partners have agreed to make great things available. You can find out exactly what this is in the goodie list, which I am always expanding. 

The friends did not let themselves be lumpen, there are great things with it and I hope that I can still develop the list further. 

When does it start? 

Preferably yesterday... but probably at the end of the first week of December. I still have to clarify a few things of a health nature, but then the first Zwift ride waits for me.... and maybe you!?!? 

Drive together 

The "together" of course is not only limited to donating and "kicking your ass" when I weaken. I want to ride together with you! So anyone who is active on Zwift is cordially invited to take part in trips together. It will certainly be slow in the beginning, but committed. 

Let me do one or two tours on my own, so that I can assess what is possible. After that I will publish my dates here, on Facebook and Instagram Zwift-Groupride-Termine and be very curious who will be there! 

If you don't want to miss it when it starts, then I can inform you gladly by email... just register for the newsletter at the bottom of the page!