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Upwards! - Started on 22.12.2018 into the Christmas season and with the last ride on 21.03.2019. What remains?

Pleasing donation result at holly hechelt "upwards!

First of all the best news: Based on the promises of the donors and the driven kilometers we can expect an amount of 1332,83€ for both projects!

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Now it's two months since an inflexible, chubby guy with a stupid idea sat down on a smart trainer and drove off. Two-thirds time (or what's the "half time" counterpart?) at Upwards!

What has happened so far, where can it go and what does that mean for the charity, the Holly and the meaning of life?!?! And now please don't come to me with 42.

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Sit down and have a drink during a bicycle tour... always fine! Look at cool bikes... always fine! Fiddling with the bike... always fine! Bikefitting from the professional... not a bad idea at all!

Why this won't work together? It works, at least I think it will after seeing the new Cycle Cafe Experience Center in Velbert last weekend before the official opening.

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A fall, a smashed vertebra... which is nothing you can use very well in life. And yet it was suddenly there. Suddenly you are sitting in a deep hole... A hole of pain, doubt, fear.