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Actually, I wanted to write on this blog about everything and everyone who moves me in sports, fascinates, excites... this is natural, above all, me myself. Too lazy, too fat, too slow, too unambitious. But also enthusiastic, the fastest (at the Bratwurst stand), the smart-ass, the presenter, the technician and the team boss.

And about technology, gadgets, must-haves, the crazy "Jedermann", even crazier organizers and whatever I can find... but it didn't worked as planed. Me came down. Faster than I thought. Too fast. From the roof. Without ladder... or more accurately: The ladder was faster than me.

To cut a long story short: After I partially dismantled my spine in April 2018 and hopefully start again slowly with sports in December 2018 with various pieces of titanium in and around the spine, this will probably be a very personal blog about Rise and Fall, the Return of the real "Jedermann" or call it UPWARDS!... just get out of this hole.

Stay tuned!

Holly about Holly

... and he's panting again!

It is apparently always ungrateful to write about yourself. Bottom line, however, perhaps this sharpens the view on the things and yourself.

Holly aka Holger is an enthusiastic sportsman, presenter, speaker, ex-DJ and currently physically in a similar condition as the BER ("new" Berlin Airport)... nobody knows for sure if this will ever become something real. But let's start the story from beginning..

Shortly after I couldn't prevent being thrown into the bright light of this planet, which at second glance was very fascinating, I started with sports. Cowboy and Indians, running away from the janitor, running away from the rumble, judo and then logically athletics. That worked out quite well for quite some time.

But as a toddler they had already found an ideal job for me: Demolition entrepreneur. So how could it be otherwise than that I disassembled something on my body? My right knee! But properly. I also managed to cope with that for some time, as long as I kept my knee moving in the form of running.

After I spent less time with movement and more time with work, nothing worked anymore. No more running possible. But somehow I couldn't and didn't want to accept that the belly became thicker and thicker... not at all my world.

Exactly there this road bike occurred to me that I sometime on Mallorca in the exuberance over horny routes across the island with Swen in yellow swimming trunks (no, don't ask - no pictures) simply bought and took home. There it stood then in the cellar... until this momentous day in 2004, when I fetched this wonderful Schauff Bike with 3-fold Ultegra from the cellar and decided to sit on it.

And it ran between me and the bike. Unfortunately, the attempts to inspire my wife to ride along once did not fall on fertile ground and sometime she said the sentence, which she probably regrets to this day: Don't get on my nerves, look out for a club!

And since the good man always best does what his wife "recommends" to him... I looked for a club. And found via RTF and Marathon to publiuc races (so called Jedermann-Races. The atmosphere at this events inspired me right from the start, a sporty togetherness, which is nevertheless more about the fun of experiencing than about an urge to achieve results.

And as always when something inspires me, it takes a broad stripe in my life... it has developed a lot. I've ridden a lot of bikes, met a lot of people, made my first triathlon and, and, and...

Triathlon? I thought running wasn't possible? Well watched out! Sometime after many thousand kilometres on the bike I tried it again in winter very calmly. And what should I say... has worked. Up to the marathon distance. But that is a topic in itself.

At the moment I can share my enthusiasm with many people as a speaker at various cycling events, as a team boss in the team Rad am Ring I make sure that the message of the hottest cycling event in the universe is carried around the world together with my team colleagues, and sport also has a significant influence on my life.

If I come back to cycling now... everything will be better!