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Now it's two months since an inflexible, chubby guy with a stupid idea sat down on a smart trainer and drove off. Two-thirds time (or what's the "half time" counterpart?) at Upwards!

What has happened so far, where can it go and what does that mean for the charity, the Holly and the meaning of life?!?! And now please don't come to me with 42.

Emotion meets numbers

Directly to the current status: Incl. the 21.02.2019 I drove 1.168,70 km. Means for the project currently 840€! So far the numbers, here are the  emotions.

Of course, I'm far behind the numbers I expected under the aspect of linear progress. Actually I should have "had to" make 2.000 km so far. Realistic would have been there probably 1,500 km under the consideration of exponential progress of power. I could now write something about "ouch" and "cold" and so on... forget it. There are no excuses, only one goal.

And this goal is to still reach the 3.000 km. The development of the last days make me confident that I can do 1.800 km in 4 weeks. Because I am currently able to cover distances over 80km on the smart trainer without overstraining myself, so I should be able to cover the necessary distance on 23 days that I can realistically ride. I hope you are there and follow the "spectacle"... I will also update the figures in the next 4 weeks as soon as possible, I promise. OK, I'll definitely make an effort to do so 😂

Of course, there were also special points along the route. On the one hand the day when I managed 80 km in one piece for the first time. Feels good! The day on which my new shoes were ready for use and showed after a short time that the principle of E-vers makes sense and the shoes fits very well. Then the day on which Holger Röthig measured me down to my rather strangely configured bike. Thanks, it worked well!

Every day on which I get promises for the goodie list, i.e. the list of material prizes, which I may distribute at the end among the donors. And, of course, every day on which someone has signed up for the donor list. You may think that I only watch it occasionally, but I follow it every day, I'm always curious if something happens there. And happy when it happens... Emotionally just 😍

Blessing in disguise

Speaking of emotion... what has all this done to me? Difficult to say, it's like life itself a constant up and down. There are days I am proud as can be, on other days I just get annoyed that I have to sit on this bike again. And then I'm just happy that things getting better step by step, even if it's going back a step from time to time. Sometimes, however, also apathetic, then I'm working off everything automatically. But all in all I think the whole thing is on the right track and I am glad to have "imposed" myself the Challenge and the Charity project. Because it often keeps me from finding excuses to do nothing today. 

In this context - I often hear in conversations "You're quit lucky under the circumstances". In the beginning I answered with "Yes, two vertebrae higher and I would find myself sitting in a wheelchair". But at some point the thoughts were formed and in the meantime the following dialogue arose:

I: "Is it like that?" 

Opposite: "Of course, it could have been much worse!

I: "Sure, but it can do that every day. And I also don't say every time the day is over and I'm still alive and both legs are on it - Yes, blessing in disguise - that could have been even worse."

Usually my counterpart then tries to justify somehow why it is somehow blessing in disguise... but actually such sentences are only said to get something positive out of a really bd situation. The question arises: Do we have to? Isn't it the first way to overcome a crisis to recognize that the crisis exists? Isn't it important to acknowledge that there is a bad situation in order to deal with it with the necessary consequence?

Sure, whining and self-pity is also the wrong way. But there is a difference to recognize that it is just so bad that only helps to fight with all strength against it or to relativize the situation. We are already doing similar things too well with many topics such as environmental protection. It is clear to us that we are destroying the earth, but we always find relativizations, why this or that is actually much worse. And we just keep doing the same shit. Seems to be somehow a pattern that mankind consistently follows... at least there will be consistent. But I digress... back to me.

Final sprint with upwards

Beside the certainty that I must not exaggerate it despite all final spurt with my activities I will try to... uhh, no... not trying, I'll pull on it and bring it home. In order to put a nice end to this, I try to organize a final sprint event on the weekend 16/17 March and have already made contact with the charity organizations that we support with this project.

There will be more information soon, but keep the weekend free. Please! Until then you will hopefully stay with me and the campaign and tell many about it, because currently the value of the goodies for the donors clearly exceeds the expected donations. And that's what we should do together