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Sit down and have a drink during a bicycle tour... always fine! Look at cool bikes... always fine! Fiddling with the bike... always fine! Bikefitting from the professional... not a bad idea at all!

Why this won't work together? It works, at least I think it will after seeing the new Cycle Cafe Experience Center in Velbert last weekend before the official opening.

Bike-Fitter Holger Röthig, together with the Cycle Cafe Team, implemented an idea that combines a cafe as a meeting place for cyclists with a small but nice shop for bikes and accessories, a bike fitting centre and a bike garage.

Of course, various large cycling centres have already affiliated a café, but mostly these are very large, rather impersonal shops, where you can only meet professionals in the field of biking or cycling with a lot of luck. And either drink coffee or look at the bikes.

First impression

In the CC Experience Center this is already different at first glance. From conversations with Holger Röthig I had an idea of what was to come. And a little bit afraid that it might become too big and impersonal. But reality fortunately taught me a better lesson. The whole thing has a very pleasant size, you can really do almost everything at the same time, from the well-equipped barista counter it is only a few steps to Argon 18 and Cervelo wheels, handlebars and saddles are within reach as well as the fitting area within sight.

And still there is enough space for everything, who just wants to drink a cafe does not feel constricted but can sit relaxed and chill.

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Basic services: Coffee

The café machine is equipped with high-quality coffee from the Drago Macombo roasting plant, which comes from the region and is dedicated to high-quality coffee. So here are some high quality supplies. Only tea still seems to be a topic, at present there is still on standard tee. But rumour has it that this will change soon.

Bike fitting and performance diagnostics

In bike fitting, the supply is at a high level anyway, Holger has always done a good job. In addition to training planning and performance diagnostics, bike fitting is part of the daily business of the certified sports teacher. As a Race across America finisher, he knows what is important when it comes to sitting position.

The bike fitting area in the Experience Center is separated from the rest of the center by a kind of glass cabin, so that you can tinker here undisturbed. The Velogicfit Bikefitting System is used to support the know-how. It performs 3D motion analyses and suggests the appropriate frame geometry from a database. Pressure measuring foils for buttocks, feet and arm pads are as much a part of the equipment as, for example, simulated mountain rides on the Wahoo Kickr Climb. So everybody should find his optimal position here.

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Bike and more

And which, if necessary, can also be implemented directly on a new bike. The Cycle Cafe Experience Center offers Argon 18 and Cervelo bikes. Certainly no budget bike brands, here they focus focuses on quality and cycling at a high level, too. Also when it comes to components and clothing, nothing seems to be left to chance; here you can see material from Profile Design, Rotor, SQlabs, Protective, Bellwether or De Soto.

Additionally there is a bike garage in the basement, which I couldn't visit yet.

All in all a very nice concept on a high level that shows a lot of proximity to cycling and triathlon. Here you can just as easily drink your coffee, talk about cycling as you can buy your number X+1 bike. Everywhere attention was paid to good level, nothing appears cheap or gossiped. Even the bicycle parking lots are well thought out and beautiful to look at.

Enough talk, Holly! When can I have a look at the shop? 

The Cycle Cafe Experience Center in Velbert (Hattinger Str. 1, 42555 Velbert) will be open from 1 February. Opening hours? Well... find all information yourself on Facebook or on the website.

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