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Upwards! - Started on 22.12.2018 into the Christmas season and with the last ride on 21.03.2019. What remains?

Pleasing donation result at holly hechelt "upwards!

First of all the best news: Based on the promises of the donors and the driven kilometers we can expect an amount of 1332,83€ for both projects!

In words: Onethousand threehundredthirtytwo Euro


Of it an amount of 696,50€ is allotted to the association "Leben mit Autismus e.V.", for the child cancer projects supported by the "Vor-Tour der Hoffnung e.V." there are 636,33€. Those are two amounts, which together with many other supporters of the projects hopefully cause something. Now the money has to get to the associations...

Since I am not a charitable organization, it was clear from the beginning that the money should go directly to the respective organization. In addition I will write shortly all donors by email, donation sum and bank connections will give. And then there was something else:

The goodies for the donors

The list of goodies I've received from friendly companies and individuals has become really long. Let's be clear: There are much more goodies than donors. Many of them aren't even on the current goodie list yet, I just didn't have the time for that in the last few days. That makes me totally happy, but also asks me a lot of questions... to which I have fortunately already found an answer, I hope. But more about that later. First of all a very, very big thank you to all my friends who accepted without hesitation! You have my deep respect!

I thought about how I could get things to the donors as fair as possible. Of course it will be difficult, because there are many who have nothing to do with cycling, but many prizes from cycling. I hope, however, that everyone will be satisfied with the approach I have considered.

The plan for the goodies

In the coming days I'll take the trouble to write every single goodie on a small piece of paper. These falls into a big bowl. Exactly the same I do with the names of the donors and a second bowl. Video camera on and here we go: From the two bowls I draw alternately a price and a name. Until all the names are gone! So a kind of raffle.

Fair? I hope. Since the Goodies should be only the icing on the cake for the good deed, I think it is a good way. If there is a better idea: I am open for everything!

3 months upwards - what remains besides donations?

If you have read this far, you probably have read everything there is to say about charity. Ok, at the end something comes to the fact that there are still many goodies left. And the future of holly hechelt...

But from here on it gets personal, just as a warning. 😎

The questions that I asked myself long before the start of "Upwards!" remained almost the same as those I asked myself again and again during the 3 months... "What will it give? To me! To the associations! The donors! And I can answer at least one question very clearly.

It gave a lot to ME. Even though the overall result in figures is only about half of the 3,000 kilometres I was striving for, it cost me more strength than I had anticipated before. And showed myself that it was important for me to set this task. Because the inner son of a bitch is a crass little fellow. Especially in connection with pain, medication, tiredness and doubts, he can really knock you out.

Knowing that I'm not sitting on this smarttrainer for stupid reasons has often moved me to keep going. To plough again with the roller over the thigh, only to get back on the bike. Although the head has said for a long time "Leave it alone. Get on the couch, there's a new episode of 'The Expanse'. That only hurts here anyway!"

With the start before the holidays I certainly didn't do myself a favour, also the time out over New Year's Eve at the North Sea coast was certainly not beneficial for the number of kilometres, but certainly for my mental state. It was often at a point where I only wanted to scream. And, admittedly, I did.

Between doubt, discouragement and getting up again

Sometimes it just wasn't able to go on anymore. I remember the day when I got off my bike after 45 minutes and said "If I continue riding now, I'll never have any fun in cycling again". Fortunately this did not happen, but colds, ear infections, days on which I simply could not go on, also in connection with the decontamination of the medicines cost me and the project surely many kilometers and thus cash money.

Does that make me sad? No, because to the best of my knowledge and conscience I gave everything I thought was important and healthy. And that's what it was all about in the first place: My health and getting back on my feet.

And? you ask rightly! Have I succeeded? I can't answer yes or no to that at the moment. Because I take part in life again, work, cycle and do things. Just things! However, everything is still really far away from a point that I would define as good or acceptable. The worst thing is still the damage to the nerves and muscles of the left leg and the left abdomen, which leads to completely hardened hip flexors and, after discontinuation of the neuroleptics, to nerve pain. Everything is not murderous and as unbelievable as after the surgery, but nice is different.

Nit jömere, Arsch huh un wigger

(Cologne dialect:  Don't whine, get your ass up and go.)

But all this is no reason to resign. Because even if I thought before the surgery that after 10 days everything is reasonably good again and I can start to train, I have made a good way starting from the condition after the surgery. And so I would like to continue! In a few days I have a flight to Mallorca, where I am allowed to accompany a training camp of Philipps Bike Team for cycling at the Ring, where I also have to do a lot of bike kilometres. In the sun, I hope!

"Upwards" becomes "Forwards for autism!

Future! Whatever it has in store for me, the last year has shown me a lot. Especially that it's bad to be trapped even though you obviously haven't put on any shackles. Not being able to get out, not being able to do anything, not being able to play sports.

Since I seem to have the possibility, even if only on a small scale, to move something for others, I decided to use my further way for the good cause again. Because only upwards out of the hole is not enough. After upward also must come forward. That's why "Upwards!" now becomes "Forward for autism". Families with autistic children are often tied up, wrestling for free minutes for things that others take for granted. Therefore I find it important to support the association "Leben mit Autismus e.V." (life with autism) further on.

What exactly that means, I explain hopefully today still in a further Blog entry


Until then I would like to say thank you once again! To all donors who are listed in the donor list as well as to all friends and their companies who have thrown something into the bowl for this project.

Thank you:

Holger Röthig from Cycle Cafe Xperience Center

Thorsten Frahm from Cycle Cafe

Sascha Reiter &Wolfgang Heller from Dextro Energy Sports

Rick & Kai Sauser from the Sauser Event GmbH

René Conca from Drinkuth AG

Sven Schreiber from Hammer Events

Johannes Steuerwald from e-vers

Frank Decker from Leeze

Hanns-Martin Frass from Rad am Ring / eventwerkstatt

Alexander Donicke from Rund um Köln

Markus Maier-Schambeck from Medienkraftwerk

Sascha Poth from Team Ledschens

René Haselbacher from RH77

Sascha Lappessen aka DJ Sash!

Iris Frenzen from the Restaurant Frenzen

Thomas Heinrichs from the Galdbach Night

Peer Schwetzler of Monte Mare Rheinbach

Saki Stoumpopoulos by Saki Hair

Ralf Stambula from Koga Bikes

Bicycle shop Nettersheim

SX Group

and all those who helped quietly in the background!